Random Life Update #001

Greetings to all of my wonderful viewers! I hope today finds you well. 🙂

Today’s post is something new I am starting – I bet you cannot guess what it is about… (hint hint, read the post title; LOL.)

Today introduces the beginning Random Life Updates! Days when I need something random and interesting to lighten things up, I’ll throw in a short post about anything funny, strange, or interesting about my family life up to date. There is no schedule to them, and no format to go by. It is simply a collaboration of anything life throws at my crazy family and our mission-field work! Hope you enjoy it! 😉

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Blue Ridge Mountains Trip

My first adventure with the cousins (see “New Adventures Await”, last week’s Thursday post, for more details) was my arrival to their home and leaving of my own. My next adventure with them has arrived! Four days and three nights in the Blue Ridge Mountains! Continue reading “Blue Ridge Mountains Trip”

New Adventures Await

I am here to share with you some very exciting news. A thrilling opportunity is just around the bend; one which I intend to take with an open mind and heart of expectancy. Ready and waiting for whatever God will do through my adventures that await. What is this exciting news? I am {temporarily} moving!

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Moving In/Out Week

As a family that travels during the school year, we live in a six hundred square-foot, custom-built, fifth wheel; it is owned by the ministry we serve under. Throughout that nine month time span we pull the trailer at least 50,000 miles. Thus with moving, living, changing climates, etc. so often it brings out quite the list of repairs. (Plus we are not the first owners so it is a bit old.)

Each summer it goes in for repairs for at least three weeks, and as we have no house currently, we move into a small rental. Last week we began moving out of our trailer, and into the rental! Therefore, this post is an update on what is currently happening with my family and I and a few interesting things about the move. Here we go! Continue reading “Moving In/Out Week”

’16-’17 Travel Year Recap

The end of the 2016-2017 travel year is drawing near, and a lot of things will be changing for my family and I, as well as the team we travel with. The past year has stretched me in ways I thought impossible. I have met new, amazing people that have taught me so much. I have been to so many places that were exciting and strange! Thus, this past year of wonders calls for a throwback and a flashback; a recap.

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