Blue Ridge Mountains Trip

My first adventure with the cousins (see “New Adventures Await”, last week’s Thursday post, for more details) was my arrival to their home and leaving of my own. My next adventure with them has arrived! Four days and three nights in the Blue Ridge Mountains! Continue reading “Blue Ridge Mountains Trip”


Summer Outfit Inspiration!

Today I thought I would try a little something new for the Monday’s modesty and style post. While brainstorming I searched through my previous ideas and scrolled through social media looking for something to spark a new idea. Then a metaphorical rock hit me in the back of the head. Just because you cannot find inspiration does not mean it cannot be made for others! I realized that other girls are having the same problems that I am… some days I just cannot get any inspiration for a unique and modest outfit! Thus, I have found a problem and intend to resolve if not assist in curing it in this post!

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2017 Summer Bucket List

We are nearly a month into Summer, and to be quite honest, I haven’t done much! It’s been lazy days, which are a blessing when you are normally “go-go-go!” all the time. But I have been thinking, I need to do something with my summer. Thus I have created a 2017 Summer Bucket List!

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How to {Modestly} Style Those Summer Months

I have heard the outcry of modestly-minded girls that are roasting like peanuts when Summer brings out its beautiful warm days. Up in Michigan that generally means that it is in the eighties – which I find comfortable. But, having grown up for many years in the boiling ninety-to-over-one-hundred-degrees-each-day Alabama I understand the struggle all too well.

How do you stay modest in this hair-frizzing heat??? Wherever you live, here are some tips for helping you {modestly} stay stylish and cool during your hot summer heatwaves.

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