Random Life Update 002

Greetings, beautiful people! 

Today is the day for the second Random Life Update! Pretty much a hodge-podge of happenings as of late; funny things, strange things, mission field things and everything in between! Stay tuned, here we go!

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O’Fallon, Illinois

FBC O’Fallon was our most recent event on the Silver Team, and it was fantastic! The congregation is so friendly and the staff was welcoming. I made good memories and great friends this past week! 

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10•23•17 #OOTD

Hey y’all! We have finally hit the Autumn weather and it feels sooooooooo good! I have not seen a whole lot of Autumn’s signature reds, golds and oranges in the leave changes, but I expect it will come soon enough! Right now I am just happy that it is actually cold enough to wear a jacket and not burn up! Woohoo!

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Life: ’16-’17 End of the Year Beach Party!

After dinner we drove to a park with a quiet beach. It was beautiful! The sun peeked out from behind fluffy clouds and the sea kissed the horizon gently. Perfect for pictures!
My family and the team had burlap sack races, played Frisbee, swam, laughed and had such a good time! We took group photos and lots of selfies. 🙂

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