30 Things I Love

“Girls in white dresses with blue satin sashes
Snowflakes that stay on my nose and eyelashes
Silver-white winters that melt into springs
These are a few of my favorite things”

Sound of Music, “My Favorite Things” by Richard Rodgers

I thought I would give my readers an opportunity to learn a bit more about me by giving them a list of things I love. I might do a list of things I despise one day, but not today. Some of these are avid obsessions, and others are appreciations and expressions of gratefulness. Maybe we have some things in common! Read on to find out, hope you enjoy!

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Choosing Modesty: Just Part of a Bigger Picture

The word “modesty” has a different definition with each person you ask. For some it means that you cover your entire body. For others it means not wearing clothes shorter than your knee or fingertips, and wearing tops that do not cut low. There is nothing inherently wrong with either standard of dressing. The definition of “modesty”, according to Merriam-Webster dictionary, is “propriety in dress, speech or conduct”. (Propriety means the quality or state of being proper or suitable.) However, modesty’s true definition is found in and defined by Continue reading “Choosing Modesty: Just Part of a Bigger Picture”

Summer Outfit Inspiration!

Today I thought I would try a little something new for the Monday’s modesty and style post. While brainstorming I searched through my previous ideas and scrolled through social media looking for something to spark a new idea. Then a metaphorical rock hit me in the back of the head. Just because you cannot find inspiration does not mean it cannot be made for others! I realized that other girls are having the same problems that I am… some days I just cannot get any inspiration for a unique and modest outfit! Thus, I have found a problem and intend to resolve if not assist in curing it in this post!

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Independence Day 2017 Outfit


Hello, all of my wonderful friends! Some of you may have noticed that I did not post yesterday, the day that I normally choose to post on the subject of style and modesty. That is because I was saving it for today! It is July fourth, Independence Day! I thought I would do a post on my Independence Day outfit for you all, as I sport the red, white and blue!

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Skirt and Dress Duo

Greetings, my beautiful readers! Today I have a “modest style hack” that will multiply the amount of outfits you can create out of your current closet! It will help you be fashionably modest, as well as show your creativity as a stylish woman! All of this is reliant on one thing: that you have dresses. Boy, I sure am glad that most of us keep at least one, just in case! 😉

What is this hack, you ask? Simple! Check out the pictures following for a visual hint.

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How to {Modestly} Style Those Summer Months

I have heard the outcry of modestly-minded girls that are roasting like peanuts when Summer brings out its beautiful warm days. Up in Michigan that generally means that it is in the eighties – which I find comfortable. But, having grown up for many years in the boiling ninety-to-over-one-hundred-degrees-each-day Alabama I understand the struggle all too well.

How do you stay modest in this hair-frizzing heat??? Wherever you live, here are some tips for helping you {modestly} stay stylish and cool during your hot summer heatwaves.

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