A Plan for the Future: Do I Need One?

I’m learning at a terrifyingly rapid pace that reality is going to wake me up the day after I don my cap and gown, or sooner. I’m going to be an adult and — as sure as the sky is blue — I am going to have to start acting like one.

  • College?
  • Relationships?
  • Meal-planning?
  • Taxes?o
  • MOVING OUT!?!?

Can I respectfully decline?

I got a resounding “Nope!” the day I asked that out loud. As much as my mom wants me to live with her forever and though my dad says I’ll always be his baby girl, time still goes on.

TBH, I am a mere few months away from graduating High School and I still have no idea what I’m doing with my life. Daydreams, I’ve got plenty. Real options? Way too many!

But a plan for my future?

I got nothing, and I’m struggling.

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Autumn Outfit Inspiration!

I thought it high time to do another outfit inspiration post! This one is geared more toward Autumn colors and weather. I love how it turned out! Now I want to go shopping for all the pieces… Guess I will have to start searching! 

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White Wash Denim // Leather // Stripes

Hello, all of my beautiful viewers! It has been too long since I posted! There were WordPress technical malfunctions that prevented me from doing my usual Thursday post! But enough of that. 
Today I used a rather unappreciated style and modesty hack! The hack of

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Choosing Modesty: Just Part of a Bigger Picture

The word “modesty” has a different definition with each person you ask. For some it means that you cover your entire body. For others it means not wearing clothes shorter than your knee or fingertips, and wearing tops that do not cut low. There is nothing inherently wrong with either standard of dressing. The definition of “modesty”, according to Merriam-Webster dictionary, is “propriety in dress, speech or conduct”. (Propriety means the quality or state of being proper or suitable.) However, modesty’s true definition is found in and defined by Continue reading “Choosing Modesty: Just Part of a Bigger Picture”

Summer Outfit Inspiration!

Today I thought I would try a little something new for the Monday’s modesty and style post. While brainstorming I searched through my previous ideas and scrolled through social media looking for something to spark a new idea. Then a metaphorical rock hit me in the back of the head. Just because you cannot find inspiration does not mean it cannot be made for others! I realized that other girls are having the same problems that I am… some days I just cannot get any inspiration for a unique and modest outfit! Thus, I have found a problem and intend to resolve if not assist in curing it in this post!

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