Black and Floral Snapback

Hello all of my beautiful viewers! Here is another style I am trying out for you all. This one is so fun! I feel like the piece has a certain style of dress that goes with it, and figuring that out made this little gem all the more fun!


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Sunday Outfit Save!

While on my adventures with the cousins, (see “New Adventures Await” for more details) I had the fantastic opportunity to lead offertory worship at their church on Sunday! It was not a big deal, only one song, but still exciting enough to make a small fuss over with practice and nervous butterflies and such. 🙂 Now this church has two services. The first is a bit more dressy in attire and the second is very chill. The night before we – my two relatives/fellow musicians and I – had picked out clothes together that would not clash or be identically dressed on stage. Only to wake up the next morning and realize that I, the singer, was dressed too casually for the formal service! At first I thought I would have to change my entire wardrobe, but then Continue reading “Sunday Outfit Save!”

Two Thrifted Outfits on a Budget

Hello lovelies!

I just love shopping to make cute and modest outfits, and I love saving money almost as much. So today I have combine the two and put together two thrift store outfits! These outfits are adorable and modest, perfect for a night on the town or a cool summer’s afternoon chill.

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Trying Out the New Style: T-Shirt Dresses

So recently as I have been watching the fashion world turn and change, a new trend has come out that I am a bit confused about. It is not a shirt; it is not a dress; it is both! T-shirt dresses are the “new thing” every girl is wearing and I am like, “Wait; what is this??”

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