Two Thrifted Outfits on a Budget

Hello lovelies!

I just love shopping to make cute and modest outfits, and I love saving money almost as much. So today I have combine the two and put together two thrift store outfits! These outfits are adorable and modest, perfect for a night on the town or a cool summer’s afternoon chill.

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Trying Out the New Style: T-Shirt Dresses

So recently as I have been watching the fashion world turn and change, a new trend has come out that I am a bit confused about. It is not a shirt; it is not a dress; it is both! T-shirt dresses are the “new thing” every girl is wearing and I am like, “Wait; what is this??”

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’16-’17 Travel Year Recap

The end of the 2016-2017 travel year is drawing near, and a lot of things will be changing for my family and I, as well as the team we travel with. The past year has stretched me in ways I thought impossible. I have met new, amazing people that have taught me so much. I have been to so many places that were exciting and strange! Thus, this past year of wonders calls for a throwback and a flashback; a recap.

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Life: ’16-’17 End of the Year Beach Party!

After dinner we drove to a park with a quiet beach. It was beautiful! The sun peeked out from behind fluffy clouds and the sea kissed the horizon gently. Perfect for pictures!
My family and the team had burlap sack races, played Frisbee, swam, laughed and had such a good time! We took group photos and lots of selfies. 🙂

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Life Adventure: Christmas Beach Vacation!

Over this last December, (that would be 2016,) we spent a week down at the beach in the tiny town of Carrabelle, Florida. A sweet family at one of our mission locations lent it to us, any time we needed it, free of charge! They were very generous and kind, and we were super excited. 🙂

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