A Plan for the Future: Do I Need One?

I’m learning at a terrifyingly rapid pace that reality is going to wake me up the day after I don my cap and gown, or sooner. I’m going to be an adult and — as sure as the sky is blue — I am going to have to start acting like one.

  • College?
  • Relationships?
  • Meal-planning?
  • Taxes?o
  • MOVING OUT!?!?

Can I respectfully decline?

I got a resounding “Nope!” the day I asked that out loud. As much as my mom wants me to live with her forever and though my dad says I’ll always be his baby girl, time still goes on.

TBH, I am a mere few months away from graduating High School and I still have no idea what I’m doing with my life. Daydreams, I’ve got plenty. Real options? Way too many!

But a plan for my future?

I got nothing, and I’m struggling.

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Random Life Update 002

Greetings, beautiful people! 

Today is the day for the second Random Life Update! Pretty much a hodge-podge of happenings as of late; funny things, strange things, mission field things and everything in between! Stay tuned, here we go!

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10•23•17 #OOTD

Hey y’all! We have finally hit the Autumn weather and it feels sooooooooo good! I have not seen a whole lot of Autumn’s signature reds, golds and oranges in the leave changes, but I expect it will come soon enough! Right now I am just happy that it is actually cold enough to wear a jacket and not burn up! Woohoo!

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10•15•17 Sunday #OOTD

Hey there ladies and gents! 🙂 

Today I have my Sunday #OOTD. We are back in the south for a conference this week… so out come the warm weather clothes from storage, LOL. I just put them away! *sigh* oh well. I will try to be patient for Autumn! Fuzzy socks and PSL’s will arrive yet! 

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Throw Back: Seek Week 2017

Hey there! I have for you today a throwback to a post I wrote back at the end of Summer. I never posted it due to busyness and losing track of time. However! Now I am pulling it out of storage, dusting it off and presenting it to you, for your enjoyment! 

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