Black and Floral Snapback

Hello all of my beautiful viewers! Here is another style I am trying out for you all. This one is so fun! I feel like the piece has a certain style of dress that goes with it, and figuring that out made this little gem all the more fun!


I found my snapback while at a conference my church sent me to. The goal of the conference was to grow in the youth of the community a desire to reach out and minister to those around them; as well as equipping and teaching them to show the love of Christ in their home town. The event is called DNow, for “discipleship now”. TBH, my best friend fell in love with it and said, “please wear it! You’d rock it!” so I reluctantly agreed and took it home. Now I’m here to test it out for the records! It has grown on me since that day!

The band that lead worship for the youth was from Liberty University’s praise team. They were on their “Lift Tour”, and I bought my snapback from their merch stand. I am loving it so much! 

The black makes it easy to pair with most things, while the floral gives it a feminine touch. It’s so comfy and cute! Plus it covers my bad hair day troubles. 😉 LOL

Honestly I know I’ll be pulling it out of my closet a whole lot more now that I know how to style it. I’m so excited! Hats are such unique and original pieces. 🙂


Do you love hats too? I’d love to hear about your #hatfashion in the comments! Hit that subscribe button on the sidebar if you like what you see. Have a beautiful day! You are loved! 

-Grace 🙂


Author: GraceB

Hello! My blog is named Quaintrelle. It is a place for girls and women to find modest style insight as well as follow my family and I as we travel as missionaries to churches across the US and Canada. Go check it out, tell your friends and have a nice day!

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