Random Life Update #001

Greetings to all of my wonderful viewers! I hope today finds you well. 🙂

Today’s post is something new I am starting – I bet you cannot guess what it is about… (hint hint, read the post title; LOL.)

Today introduces the beginning Random Life Updates! Days when I need something random and interesting to lighten things up, I’ll throw in a short post about anything funny, strange, or interesting about my family life up to date. There is no schedule to them, and no format to go by. It is simply a collaboration of anything life throws at my crazy family and our mission-field work! Hope you enjoy it! 😉

  • We are prepping for school to start and I am pumped about my senior year. Everything is crazy and unorganized but we will be ready by the beginning of the semester… I hope. 🙂
  • My baby brother lost a front tooth the other day! He was super pumped and asked my parents for money because he knows the “tooth fairy” lives in Daddy’s wallet, LOL. (We have told him that it is a fictitious character) Dad jokingly said he was sure that Mommy had a twenty dollar bill. (emphasis on the “Mommy” part!) He later told him that he would be lucky if he got a dollar when JP tried to sell it for five.
  • Finn, the golden-doodle, kept eating the wooden desk chair, so we covered it in OnGuard, a spicy and foul-smelling essential oil. He hasn’t touched it again! 😉 LOL
  • My dad is teaching his first week at Life Action Family Camp July 31st through August 5th. I am so excited for his chance to impact families and to learn! You can follow the link provided to sign up to visit family camp or simply to learn more! I would recommend it to any Christian family that wants to plug back into each other and grow closer to God as a group. LAC also does retreats and rents out their beautiful facilities.
  • I have returned from my trip with the cousins and am taking Staff Training head on! We have been doing it for about two weeks now, and I am loving singing with our team band.
  • Quaintrelle has a total of sixteen WordPress followers, as of the day I am writing this post. That is not a lot, but we are growing! Tell your friends about it and visit often!

I hope you have enjoyed the Random Life Update #001! Have a fantastic day; you are loved!



Author: GraceB

Hello! My blog is named Quaintrelle. It is a place for girls and women to find modest style insight as well as follow my family and I as we travel as missionaries to churches across the US and Canada. Go check it out, tell your friends and have a nice day!

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