Sunday Outfit Save!

While on my adventures with the cousins, (see “New Adventures Await” for more details) I had the fantastic opportunity to lead offertory worship at their church on Sunday! It was not a big deal, only one song, but still exciting enough to make a small fuss over with practice and nervous butterflies and such. 🙂 Now this church has two services. The first is a bit more dressy in attire and the second is very chill. The night before we – my two relatives/fellow musicians and I – had picked out clothes together that would not clash or be identically dressed on stage. Only to wake up the next morning and realize that I, the singer, was dressed too casually for the formal service! At first I thought I would have to change my entire wardrobe, but then we had an idea.

I ran to my closet and did a quick Sunday outfit save, and thus I have for you today, one outfit worn two ways, with only one piece change! What? Yes, it is true. Here we go!

Before my switch I was wearing maroon/white striped shirt with white jeans and suede tan ankle boots. I grabbed my denim jacket to add texture and to keep my arms warm in the surprisingly cold sanctuary!


After my quick-fix I wore an entirely different outfit only changed with one piece!


I simply grabbed my black maxi skirt and tucked my striped tee into it. The jacket still gave its warmth and layer; the shoes remained the same. Only one piece took the outfit from shopping trip to date night or dress party.



Here are the pieces of the outfit:

shirt // pants // skirt  // shoes // jacket

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-Grace 🙂


Author: GraceB

Hello! My blog is named Quaintrelle. It is a place for girls and women to find modest style insight as well as follow my family and I as we travel as missionaries to churches across the US and Canada. Go check it out, tell your friends and have a nice day!

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