Blue Ridge Mountains Trip

My first adventure with the cousins (see “New Adventures Await”, last week’s Thursday post, for more details) was my arrival to their home and leaving of my own. My next adventure with them has arrived! Four days and three nights in the Blue Ridge Mountains!

We left Friday morning and drove to our cabin in the mountains. The views were amazing! There was a morning fog that rose from the valleys below and ascended to the skyline. It all paired well with a strong cup of coffee, I must say! I got to room with three of the children and had the view of the landscape from my bunk bed. It was wonderful to wake up to!

We had many excursions outside, too many to tell of them all! We hiked to a waterfall and explored a retired corn mill. We visited a waterway and took car rides through the mountains. We also had a picnic and made stone & pebble dams in a river! We visited the town of Cherokee and also Bryson City. Some went white-water rafting, but I did not as some of my family members back home feared for my safety, (I love their concern for me!) but I heard it was amazing.


We also had lots of fun at the cabin. I had many opportunities to play games with the kids such as chess, air hockey and towers of building blocks. As well as snuggle-time while we watched movies. The cousins and I also chilled in the hot tub, made a campfire, grilled and read books. It was fantastic; and I would say it was a good first adventure with my cousins!


Do you have any time that you spent in the mountains with family or friends? What is your favorite place to take a vacation? Let’s talk in the comments! Have a wonderful rest of your day; you are loved!

-Grace 🙂


Author: GraceB

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