New Adventures Await

I am here to share with you some very exciting news. A thrilling opportunity is just around the bend; one which I intend to take with an open mind and heart of expectancy. Ready and waiting for whatever God will do through my adventures that await. What is this exciting news? I am {temporarily} moving!

 That is right! But not my whole family, just me. Wow, am I excited! The adventure started when I boarded a plane out of Chicago to an airport in South Carolina. I had never flown by myself so I was a bit frightened, I will admit! From the plane, the landscape as well as the clouds were beautiful!

(Funny side note, the baggage claim attendant did not believe that I was sixteen and had my licence, hahaha! But all was well and she said that it would be a compliment to me when I am older!)

Once landed I was picked up by some dear family members of mine – we will call them ‘the cousins’ for privacy’s sake – and they drove me to their home. 

The cousins were very kind. They asked me to fly to their home in SC and live with them/work for them as the nanny and a family assistant-like person for their four children. I am so blessed by their proposal!

Being a child of full-time, travelling missionaries I am never really in one place long enough to get a job anywhere. Except, that is, during summer break and Christmas. This past Christmas I was jobless and I was praying for God to give me a job this summer to save for important future expenses. (College, emergencies, a car?) God was and is good in sending me what I need, even little things like the fact that I get to work for some of my closest relatives and friends. He even gave me a giant suitcase to borrow as mine was too small. I am so thankful!

I will be with the cousins almost four weeks, and there are so many more things planned for while I am with them! I cannot wait to see what adventures are around the bend in this work of God! Yay!

In what ways has God blessed you lately? What are you asking Him for? Have you ever had an adventure like this one? Let me know about all of this in the comments section below! Also, subscribe! You are loved!

-Grace 🙂


Author: GraceB

Hello! My blog is named Quaintrelle. It is a place for girls and women to find modest style insight as well as follow my family and I as we travel as missionaries to churches across the US and Canada. Go check it out, tell your friends and have a nice day!

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